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Complete CRM Software to maximize your business growth

Customers are very important to the success of any business. Increase your relationship with customers, simplify your sales process, and earn more profit by implementing EQUIP CRM.
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what can EQUIP CRM do?

EQUIP CRM helps you manage your sales pipeline, improve your customer service, convert your leads to loyal customers and many more in just a few clicks.

  • Create targeted marketing campaigns
  • Maintain your customer, lead & opportunity details
  • Stay ahead in finding qualified leads
  • Boost your revenue with effective after sales follow‑up
  • Optimise your marketing performance through real-time, comprehensive sales reports

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EQUIP CRM software features

contact management

All contact details like full name, title, email address, phone number, mailing address, etc can be tracked and edited seamlessly. You can also easily track complete leads information such as status, source, type, lead creation date, lead creation time, ratings and more, so you can convert your leads into opportunities more easily.

salesperson management

This feature allows you to track your sales team activities. You can assign tasks to each salesperson according to their ability. You can also find out which salesperson performs best among others so you can motivate other salespersons to perform better.

expense management

Various documents such as invoices, quotes and sales orders can be well managed through this feature. You do not have to bother looking for printed documents or worry about losing your important invoices.

call logging

EQUIP CRM allows you to store your phone conversations so you can easily find any information regarding your recent conversations with your customers. That way, you can get a clearer picture of your conversations and you can follow up on them more easily.

marketing campaign management

his feature enables you to create target lists for your campaigns by importing potential customers from your leads, contacts and accounts. You can also personalize your email marketing by using different email templates for each customer.

sales pipeline management

Get a clearer picture of your sales pipeline. Through Sales Pipeline Management feature, you can see the deal as well as the numbers associated with it in a single screen. You can also find out how much of your expected revenue is near closing, and which deals need immediate action.


EQUIP softwares are ready-to-use products that are developed by our reliable development and research team. Our softwares are always innovating and following the latest trends, so the systems will always be updated periodically.

Yes, all EQUIP softwares can be customized according to different business needs. You can add modules that are important to your business operations.

Yes, EQUIP softwares allow you to grant access to multiple users without disrupting the system performance.

You will not be charged extra for adding the number of users to your softwares.

Yes, EQUIP softwares are available in mobile versions that can help you automate your business operations more easily.

We provide 3 types of support for you; a project manager to analyze your needs, call hotlines which are available during business hours and portal support that is available 24/7 to ensure your softwares run perfectly.

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EQUIP CRM software integrations

You can integrate EQUIP CRM with other modules to get maximum benefits for your business.

  • Monitor your sales team's performance better through EQUIP HRM
  • Get more complete financial data by integrating EQUIP CRM with EQUIP Accounting
  • EQUIP Sales & Lead Management will help you manage your sales pipeline more efficiently
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