Configurable & Easy-to-Use Barcode Tracking Software

EQUIP Barcode Tracking Software comes with full features as a solution for your inventory management, enabling you to save time, reduce costs and manage your inventory more efficiently.

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EQUIP Barcode Tracking Software helps you keep track of your inventory in multiple warehouses, monitor your sales, track the workflow statuses of your orders, prevent stock-outs, reduce human errors, improve accuracy and many more.

  • Easily monitor incoming and outgoing items, avoiding unnecessary stocks
  • Automatically generate batch number and serial number for each of your products
  • Mark your tools, in-house and rented equipment, machines and other inventory items for proper tracking
  • Keep track of all your shipments, goods received & returned notes and etc

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EQUIP Barcode tracking software features

easy-to-use interface

You do not need to be confused when operating EQUIP Barcode Tracking Software, because the system is equipped with a simple-to-navigate and easy-to-learn interface that simplifies your access to current or previous data.

stock management

This feature makes it easier for you to monitor your inventory levels, preventing stock-outs, so you can re-order immediately when your stocks are running low.

supplier management

This feature allows you to easily get any information related to your suppliers such as their personal data as well as your transaction history with them.

multi-warehouse management

You do not need to bother handling your stocks in multiple warehouses located far apart from each other. You can still monitor your inventory in each warehouse through EQUIP Barcode Tracking Software, anywhere and anytime.


Now you can save time whenever you try to get accurate information of your stock items with the help of barcode system. The system enables quicker stock updates as well as checkouts.


EQUIP Barcode Tracking Software enables you to generate in-depth reports that help you track the movement of your inventory within the warehouse and get visibility on the different categories of your inventory. The reports come with user-friendly interfaces that allow you to easily interpret the various data displayed.

EQUIP barcode tracking software integrations

Get maximum benefits for your business by integrating EQUIP Barcode Tracking Software with other modules.

  • EQUIP Accounting allows you to have a better control of your finances
  • EQUIP POS enables you keep an eye on your retail sales better
  • Automate your sales processes with the help of EQUIP Sales & Leads


EQUIP softwares are ready-to-use products that are developed by our reliable development and research team. Our softwares are always innovating and following the latest trends, so the systems will always be updated periodically.

Yes, all EQUIP softwares can be customized according to different business needs. You can add modules that are important to your business operations.

Yes, EQUIP softwares allow you to grant access to multiple users without disrupting the system performance.

You will not be charged extra for adding the number of users to your softwares.

Yes, EQUIP softwares are available in mobile versions that can help you automate your business operations more easily.

We provide 3 types of support for you; a project manager to analyze your needs, call hotlines which are available during business hours and portal support that is available 24/7 to ensure your softwares run perfectly.

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